You want to do a whole house renovation, but don’t know where to start? OK, where are you going to live while you are doing a renovation? If you live in a house (or in a room), you should at least secure where you can sleep.

The ideal renovation to start with would be a roof. Roof replacement also requires good weather. So it is better to book a roofer way in advance as they are often very busy. At the same time, you need a scaffolding. This would be charged weekly. So choose the best time of the year with sunny weather – to limit your cost of scaffolding rental and the time of roofers (hopefully to finish in a week or so).

You don’t need a building consent to replace a roof to new material. However if you change the type of roof style (from a galvanised to slates, etc), you will need a building consent – which will require an inspection (more cost). Therefore if you have no problem of the style, it’s better not to change its style.  You can change the material though from galvanised steel to aluminium.

Another priority would be any structural changes. Beam enhancements, wall break-down, etc – should be calculated by a structural engineer to secure the extra damage.

Flooring would come at last as you don’t want to damage it by tradesmen to walk on the finished floor.

In between, you need to think of window replacements to double glazing, kitchen or bathroom installations.

If you are importing materials from abroad, it is also better to order much in advance – as this will take time – and you don’t want the tradesmen to have a blank time (even unpaid) and loose their motivations.

  1. Order materials from abroad (after the design is decided)
  2. Schedule the work which requires good weather (roof, external work)
  3. Start with structural work
  4. window, wall, paint to floor



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