During the renovation

It is not just a builder or tradesman who are busy during the renovation. It is your investment, your renovation, you are paying – you need to watch out what is going on. It is difficult to intervene as you are not qualified builder however, you can talk with the head builder or tradesman (you have a right to) to know what is going on. It is recommended to understand the process and it is not a problem to ask questions. If the builder does not like you ask questions (too much is not good), it is a bad builder. He is not confident. Any confident person would be happy to be asked what he/she is doing. Talk to the builder, tradesman and make them motivated. Sometimes, you can share lunch together, or serve coffee (they would love this) and discuss fishing (a common subject here). You are an employer but at the same time, you want them to work in good feeling – as if they are building a house for his family. Ask “what would you do if it is for your house?” They would love to talk.

Renovation is not always straight forward, especially for an old house. They also may ask questions to you of some methods. I enjoyed sharing experience with a builder to create something beautiful. Maybe not an easiest customer as I asked specific requirements which was new to them – but the result is what we wanted and they are happy to know new ways.

  1. Motivate (greet cheerfully)
  2. Serve coffee / tea
  3. Ask (not too many) questions
  4. Check the daily schedule (a what-to-do list with the head builder)
  5. Give feedbacks (daily if possible)
  6. Be ready for questions from them
  7. Create something together feeling
  8. All of above will result in high quality renovations

Most important thing is ”good communication” as always in any circumstances of life.



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