Completing a renovation

When do you complete a renovation?

A code of compliance (CCC) certificate would be issued (from a council) that you have followed successfully the council application. This is a great assurance that you have a quality renovation, certified by a council – adding a value to the house.

What do they check? Electricity, gas, water leak (plumbing), windows, beams, roof, practically everything  indicated in the architectural drawing. They charge the final inspection cost (several hundreds extra) as a certificate fee –  a final tax to them.

With this certificate, we conclude the renovation is done successfully.  Yey!

However, there were some remedy works I needed afterwards -mostly cosmetic, such as  some electric lamps were not yet fixed, the misplaced pipes, etc – mostly an electrician’s work. It took a few months to chase the electrician. But it is finally finished.

What a relief – we had several visitors since then to enjoy the house – and New Zealand. Now that I’ve finished the renovation project, I hope to share my experience, which I previously had written a detailed blog in another link.  

This word press version is not written much detail (as the original Japanese blog) but just a few key points – and if you have any questions, you can contact me and I can answer them hopefully.



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